"Congratulations...on bringing forward a fascinating, but overlooked person."

Townsend Ludington, Marsden Hartley: Portrait of an American Artist

"With 35 years as an archivist, I found the general background material about people, places, and the times fascinating in their own right and provide context. Highly readable [book]......when I reached the last chapter I was sorry it had to end..."

Catherine Gaines, Supervisory Archivist, Smithsonian, Archives of American Art

"Sparhawk-Jones's career speaks of incisive talent and vision, perilous fragility, and the possibility of healing..."

Philip Koch, painter and MICA faculty

"Barbara Lehman Smith's feature in the Spring 1995 edition of Pennsylvania Heritage, "Talented, Tragic & Triumphant: The Life and Career of Elizabeth Sparhawk-Jones," was the first in-depth look at this brilliant but tortured twentieth-century American artist..."

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Pennsylvania Heritage - Summer 2011

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Elizabith Sparhawk Jones - The Artist Who Live Twice

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